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At AESTHESIS Dental Centre our aim is to offer high quality dental treatments.

Rubber Dam is a dental tool that isolates the operative site from the rest of the mouth.  It prevents saliva and bacteria from reaching the teeth we are restoring.

In fact, some dental procedures (like a root canal) that are done without a Rubber Dam are doomed for failure. This is because the area can be contaminated by saliva.

This is why in our clinic we use Rubber Dam on all endodontic procedures, veneer placements and restorative treatments such

as fillings and overlays.

As rubber dam prevents any saliva and

bacteria from reaching the teeth we are

restoring, this has 4 important benefits for

the patient:

1. Fillings last longer; this is due to the fact that rubber dam allows the doctor to have an isolated and uncontaminated working area enabling the doctor to have more attention to detail.

2. Patients are less likely to report any sensitivities or pain after their treatment.

3. Rubber dam makes the procedure more enjoyable for the patient as it keeps bad taste out. Furthermore, it prevents swallowing any foreign materials (for example amalgam scraps from your old silver fillings)

4. There is absolutely no risk of your lips, tongue and cheek getting hurt during the procedure.

ελαστικος απομονωτηρας rubber dam
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