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Using the latest technological advances in

our clinic is of vital importance to us.

Quicksleeper is a relatively new innovation in

anesthesia. It is an electronically controlled

intraosseous injections that allows for

immediate, painless and effective dental


Our patients love it because:

1. It’s painless – Quicksleeper® (and our skilled Doctors too!) are so good that our patients often report not feeling anything when anesthesia injections are performed!

2. It’s fast – Unlike traditional anesthetic injections where you the patient has to wait for the anesthesia to start working, Quicksleeper® works immediately.

3. There’s no numbness – After traditional injections patients experience numbness and as a result self-biting might occur. This is not the case with Quicksleeper®.

4. It’s just a fancy pen! – Our patients and especially children love it because they do not see a needle. All they see is an impressive electronic pen.

5. Lips move normal – After traditional anesthesia, lip mobility is affected. This is not the case with Quicksleeper®  and for cosmetic treatments such as veneers, it is important for the dentist to immediately assess the lip line and the patients to appreciate their new smile.

Quicksleeper® is just one of the many technologies we use to deliver quality

dentistry to our patients.

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