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You can’t treat what you can’t see

Dental loupes are the magnifying glasses our

dentist wear to enlarge everything they see

in the mouth.

This high magnification along with the high-quality light from the loupes allow the dentist to observe every little detail on your

teeth that could have gone unnoticed with the naked eye.

This strong attention-to-detail enables correct diagnosis and therefore treatment planning to be more accurate.

Restorative and cosmetic treatments are completed with an unparalleled level of accuracy and competency.

For our clinic, attention to detail is very

important. And this is why we use loupes on

all our treatments from teeth cleanings to

complicated full-mouth rehabilitations.

Loupes are just one of the many technologies

we use to deliver quality dentistry to our


magnification loupes οδοντιατρικες λουπες
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